Watercolor of
Russula mariae
by Bernice Fatto
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A non-profit organization whose aims are to provide a means for sharing ideas, experiences, knowledge and common interests regarding fungi, and to furnish mycological information and educational materials to those who wish to increase their knowledge about mushrooms.


Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, April 13th, 1:30 PM,
at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum
in Morristown

Our guest speaker will be Dr. Roy Halling,
Curator of Mycology at the New York Botanical Garden.
His topic will be Biogeography of Fungi.

People used to think that there weren’t really any limits to the dispersal of fungal species,
but studies show that the spread of most fungi is restricted by barriers like oceans and
mountain ranges. What can we learn when we look at patterns of mushroom species
distribution? Can we believe the study that showed that 90% of spores fall within
45 centimeters of the mushroom that produced them? Will the migration of trees
in response to climate change be limited by the mobility of their mushroom partners?
Come to our April 13th meeting to find out!
Open to the public.

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